"Those who tell you something cannot be done have never done anything that required faith in God." Jen Backus

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer's Over

I have started this post about ten times in the last two weeks, and I keep getting distracted. In fact right now I have a little person needing my attention.....
Ok- yes, it seems all of the sudden life has gotten busy for us. After a summer of going back and forth about it, I finally decided to put the kids back in school. Things are just too crazy right now for homeschool, and I'm afraid I don't handle the extra stress too well. I have a hard time trusting my kids with anybody else, but they are adjusting pretty well so far. I have to think back on the school I went to- and still turned out ok- and just tell myself they'll be fine. So here is a classic shot of Bryce at football practice- looking at me instead of the coach. It is times like this I am so happy to be sitting on the sidelines watching someone else teach him a little discipline. Not that he's a bad kid, but I'll see him not paying attention or just playing around with another kid and the coach makes them both run a lap. It is very satisfying.

Football practice every night has been difficult on the little ones. It is hard for Mark to go with Bryce because of the heat, and he has to either sit in the dugout where it is hard to see, or stand next to the fence and he gets pretty tired. Most of the parents bring camping chairs but those are too difficult for him to get out of once he is sitting down. So it's up to me to go to football practice every day. I'm finally learning the game and it is fun to watch Bryce work his butt off for two hours, but I miss my little guys while I am gone.

We spent this last weekend visiting my parents in the Gila valley. They moved back to their hometown about a year ago and have never been happier. I didn't think I could bear it if they moved away from the house I grew up in. But they did, and I can. When we go and visit, their little house still feels like home to me. They have a circular sidewalk in their front yard where the kids love to ride bikes, and a big front porch that is perfect for being lazy on. And of course, lots of flower pots and trees and gardens. Can you tell I love it there?

We also drove up Mt. Graham and had a BBQ with my parents, my sister and a few of her kids. So much fun. I loved seeing my boys climb all over the rocks I used to play on as a child. It was really cool and beautiful and a perfect afternoon. I did spend most of my time keeping Bryan out of the campfire and putting his shoes back on, but it was nice anyway. We found a nice spot that was pretty level for Mark to walk on. He has to be careful not to lose his footing and fall down, and always walks with his walking stick.

Here is Harley (named after his great grandfather) and my dad. He has made a miraculous recovery from his car accident in March. He broke his neck and had surgery to replace two vertebrae and fasten a plate to keep them together. He had a fabulous doctor, and my mom takes very good care of him. He says his fingers and toes still tingle on one side, as the nerves are still healing. It is amazing what modern medicine can do, and I am so grateful to have him with us for many more years. It is partly because of my dad that I have such hopes of healing Mark. I know it may take some time, but I know it is possible.