"Those who tell you something cannot be done have never done anything that required faith in God." Jen Backus

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never Miss a Dose.

We missed a few doses of Mark's many supplements the other day. When he got home from work it had been a full 24 hours since he had taken anything besides food and water into his body, and he said he had been feeling his muscles twitching like crazy all day. This is really significant, not only because of what is happening in the body when the muscles are doing that, but also because he hasn't complained of the muscle fasciculations since we started all the supplements about a month ago. Which gives me hope that what we are doing is actually working and slowing things down. Obviously I can't let him miss another dose, but it's encouraging to know we have made a few good decisions.
I posted a link to the right of an excellent website, (I Am Perfectly Healthy), with lots of information and descriptions of some of the detoxing we are doing now. Mark especially loves drinking the Red Desert Clay mixed with water. :) Just kidding- he says it tastes like dirt. Well it is certainly not the worst tasting concoction I have served up lately. Last night as I brought everything out to him he looked at me and then looked at everything- his three cups of juices (cod liver oil in a little juice, MMS solution in juice, and beet kvass), glass of water, dish of a handful of capsules & tablets, essential oils, and Zeolite in a dropper, and gave a great sigh. Harley, our three year old, has gotten very good at telling Daddy to take his medicine. Bless his heart he really loves to help- me to get it all ready and Mark to take it.


Barbara said...

That is great news. All your research and work is paying off. I am so glad.

Amy said...

That's so awesome that you could see such a difference between taking the meds and not. Very reassuring!! Mark is always remembered in our prayers. We love you guys!!

Monique said...

Hey Elizabeth. Thanks for starting the blog. We will be praying for all of you and checking back for updates often. Keep pressing on!!!